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Comedy Writing Services

I specialise in offbeat comedy. I love the surreal, the silly and the daft.

You can find out more about my comedy writing experience on the Hire Me, Comedy Writer page. Browse some comedy script examples and see what you think.

It’s best to do that so you have a good idea of what I write, before getting in touch.

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Pure Comedy Writing
Corporate Comedy Writing Services
Social  Networks and Comedy
Video Games, Social Apps and Comedy


Tick 2Comedy Writer and Online Marketing

It’s an odd combination but I write comedy AND I have my own business working in online marketing called Conversion Detectives. I specialise in Conversion Rate Optimisation (getting more of a site’s traffic to ‘convert’ into sales, leads, subscribers/readers). “How did that happen?” Obsession I suppose (obsession in a good way).

See my sensible profile on Linkedin.

Read nice things people have said about me on the Comedy Writing Testimonials page.

Tick 2Pure Comedy Writing

I’ve written a lot of comedy and in different forms for the theatre, stand up, cabaret artists, radio, blogs, tweets, TV and film including:-

  • Monologues
  • One Liners
  • Physical Theatre
  • Short Film
  • Sketches
  • Sit Coms
  • Theatre

Tick 2Ideas, Characters and Stories

Do you just want ideas? I can help. Have you thought of turning your need into another form? Perhaps creating a comedy character to express your needs? Can your need be turned into a story? We all love stories and this approach will draw a reader or viewer into your Website; give them a pleasant experience and help create a relationship.

How would your story work in different forms? Could you turn it into a photo stream for flickr (if appropriate to your business, could you have fun with cartoon characters on Pininterest? Perhaps a glove puppet video could work? Blimey, there’s a lot to choose from and it’s a lot of fun.

Will it work?

I can make an educated guess, as can you. What I do know is that you can test and track a lot of these more creative ideas, using analytics on most channels, to see if you are getting value for money.

Tick 2Gags

I’m not really a gag merchant. O’ I can do dialogue but if you really, really need some gags I can write them (they’re going to be offbeat though).

Tick 2Corporate Comedy Writing Services


  • Blogs
  • Content Writing for Websites
  • Comedy Writing Workshops
  • Comedy Video for Web

Drop me a line for a quote of any the above.

Tick 2Social Networks & Comedy

Being a comedy writer and an online geek is very handy. I can write daft/funny/silly comedy and know how best to use it (most of the time), from YouTube channels to flickr, from Twitter to Facebook and all the other niche social networks ones out there.

I was ‘…highly commended’ for pitching a comedy sketch idea in 140 characters (a tweet really) by the writer’s group for the Secret Policeman’s Ball; the Amnesty International event that inspired me to be a comedy performer and latterly a comedy writer.

Tick 2Games & Apps (online and intelligent devices)

There’s always ‘the one that got away’ isn’t there? In my case it was a quote I was asked to give for a US based game workshop who wanted dialogue for a couple of characters for an IoS game. It got away from me (it’s a very dull anecdote, so don’t feel you have to ask about it) but I moved on and…


Have you seen this global social video and picture sharing app? It’s very well reviewed. I was asked to contribute (in a very small way) some questions to ask the users. I’m proud of that one as it’s a great app (and encourages people to be silly and have fun).

Here’s what the very lovely Ruth, from Chumkee, said about my work.

So that’s me, comedy writer and online geek chap…do get in touch!

Jim Kinloch
Bit Comedy