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Welcome to the BitComedy features page. Here we have a selection of original articles about the basics of comedy. If you have a suggestion as to what else comedy-wise could be featured drop us a line via our BitComedy contact page.


Writing Comedy – The 7 Laws of Comedy Writing (Redux)

Do you want to learn about how to write comedy? Then this article is a good start. By a good start we mean it opens your eyes to how much you have to learn. What are your “Comedy Laws?” Drop us a line. We love to disagree…

Read the 7 Laws of Comedy Writing

Comedy Writing Books

Dear ‘BitComedy’ I wish to be a comedy writer and wanted to know if there were any good comedy writing books to get me started? Yep! Here’s the list that will save you money.

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BitComedy’s 12 Top TV Comedy Sketches

You like comedy right? Who’s on your list of all time favourite TV comedy sketches? Some of these are quite obscure but I bet they are all available on YouTube and all of them will make you LAUGH…

Do you agree with our list of 12 Top Comedy Sketches?