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10 Top UK Standups

Bit Comedy's Current Top 10 UK Standup Comedians

Bit Comedy’s Top 10 Standups

Here’s our list of the Top 10 Stand ups in the UK. Not in any particular order, jus the order we thought of our favourites.

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1.     Michael McIntyre

He’s not quite as cheeky as Max Millar. More a puppy on fizzy cola.

2.     Russell Howard

Wonderful anecdotal comedy. The imp of imps.

3.     Micky Flanagan

He’s is comedy reality.

4.     Sarah Millican

Agreeable performer of hard luck stories.

5.     Frankie Boyle

He’s mean but sometimes his targets aren’t.

6.     Ross Noble

Surreal wittering god of the improv’. A riff-artist.

7.     Dara O’Briain

Destined for comedy godhood. Love his physicality.

8.     Jo Brand

Intelligent and comedy ripple-maker.

9.     Milton Jones

Surreal shtick from this mirth-maker.

10. Eddie Izzard

He’s a comedy god; him and his jam.