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12 Best Comedy Sketches

Top 12 TV Comedy Sketches

The Current Top 12 Comedy Sketches of All Time

In order of thinking of them.



1. The Four Yorkshiremen

At Last The 1948 Show


Writers: Most likely John Cleese & Graham Chapman

Sketch Type: Exaggeration


We all try to outdo each other with stories after a few drinks and we all love a rags to riches story populated by that reflective ‘In my day.’

The sketch originated from a pre-Python show and evolved because it was used for various Python live shows and Rowan Atkinson appeared in the Amnesty International Show, which is the performance I remember once. It inspired me to write.


2. One Leg Too Few

One Over The Eight


Writer: Peter Cook

Sketch Type: Physical, Visual, Absurd (with the love of words ‘unidexter.’)


It’s the visual that captivates, Dudley Moore hopping plus that line ‘I’ve got nothing against your right leg. The trouble is – neither have you.’

Peter Cook was a genius.


3. Jockey Safari

Big Train

Writer: n/a


Sketch Type: Surreal


It reminds me of a The Bison sketch from Not The Nine O’clock News. It’s the style of execution that works juxtaposing a wildlife documentary with the world of horse racing and diddy jockeys in racing colours are funny.


4. Going for an English

Goodness Gracious Me


Writer: Various

Sketch Type: Reverse


This is a winner because it’s very simple reverse (simple is never easy) and therefore genius. We’ve all been in curry houses worse for wear and this sketch is full of self-recognition plus being brilliantly performed.


5. Parrot Sketch

Monty Python


Writers: John Cleese & Graham Chapman

Sketch Type: Surreal


There’s a lot of anger at play in this one, perhaps frustration from super intelligent minds having to deal with shop assistants. How would you use a dead parrot?


6. Breakfast

Morecambe and Wise Show


Writer: Eddie Braben

Sketch Type: Visual


Charm is the word for this sketch, no edginess just comedy from an everyday act of two blokes making breakfast.



7. Drinking Darts Players

Not The Nine O’clock News


Writer: Laurie Rowley

Sketch Type: Exaggeration


Another simple idea made into comic bliss and we all love jokes about drinking. Perhaps one of the most sublime moments of television ever.

Love Mel Smith’s hair.


8. Constable Savage

Not The Nine O’clock News


Writer: Unknown

Sketch Type: Satire


This is an inspiration. The gormless Constable Savage representing the ‘Fascist’ police officer is taken to task for his prejudice that stems from stupidity and a lack of eduction.

Spurred me on to write comedy.


9. Four Candles

The Two Ronnies


Writer: Ronnie Barker

Sketch Type: Word play


Misunderstanding is where this sketch starts and progresses to higher levels something only John Cleese could emulate. The performances make it with Ronnie Corbet becoming more and more exasperated.

Ronnie Barker was a comedy genius, a real one…


10. Mastermind

The Two Ronnnies


Writer: David Renwick

Sketch Type: Situation


A specialist subject of answering the question before leads to some wonderful anticipation for the audience and laughs coming from the juxtaposition.


11. The Hedge

Fry & Laurie


Writers: Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie

Sketch Type: Send up


It’s not a great sketch. It’s the conceit of getting it wrong and the panic that creeps in as they try to get it right that I love. It also works because the audience are in on the act and when you add the panic and suppressed anger it’s fab.


12. Panda (Various)

Who Dares Wins


Writer: Unknown

Sketch Type: Surreal animal stuff


What can I say? I’m a sucker for talking animals especially swearing pandas.

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