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3 Comedy Writer Blogs

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Here are 3 cracking blogs for learning more about comedy writing.

James Henry


James Henry Blue Cat

Credits: Green Wing, Smack the Pony, Campus

We love reading about his adventures with meetings. It’s either the train, life with small children or meetings with executives that have you reaching for a very large pot of Tipex.

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Sample Post:-
Script Editors’ Notes: A Writers’ Guide

‘We were a little confused by the ending’. You don’t appear to have written an ending…

Ken Levine

by Ken Levine

Credits: MASH, Cheers, Frasier, The Simpsons

By Ken Levine

Sample Post:-

Has-Been Apprentice
Maybe the saddest show in the history of television is CELEBRITY APPRENTICE. This is entertainment on the same level as watching a dog try to eat a caramel.

Ken tells you the reality of working in comedy in US television. If you sift through all the posts about Baseball you will come across hard-won nuggets perfect to help a comedy writer of any experience.

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James Cary

Sitcom Geek

Credits: Miranda, Think The Unthinkable, Another Case of Milton Jones

Sitcom Geek

Sample Post:-

Interest Costs Nothing

The art of writing sitcom takes about 4-10 years to crack. Asking all-comers to do it seems about as sensible as asking someone to ‘have a go at being a surgeon‘. Actually, the cost of the damage (c.£1-2million) is about the same.

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