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How to be Funny

How to be Funny

How to be Funny Quick Points

  • Copying
  • Passion
  • Listening & Observing
  • Funny Medicine
  • Practice
  • You
  • Further Tools 

Copying to Be Funny, in Three Parts

Who’s the person that makes you laugh most? Perhaps you have a funny friend or you laugh most at particular comedians. Well, copy them. Word for word and listen as there words come out of your mouth.

Part One

The easiest and quickest way to learn about using words, if it’s verbal funny you are after, is to write the words out in longhand or on the computer. Why does this work so quickly and effectively? You’re learning to spend words as your hero does and reinforcing it with your hands.

Part Two

Now take what you have copied and transpose something personal to you, that will work in the same form. Use your own words and mimic the number of words, where the emphasis comes and the rhythm.

And repeat with other people that make you laugh.

Part Three

Take any number of your favourite funny people and combine them, blend them together into your own funny style. 

Funny Passion Trigger

You can’t buy it but you can develop your funny passion. The more laughs you get the more you’re enthusiasm will grow. What makes you passionate about being funny? Try and narrow it down, so you can trigger the mood, and comedy and being funny can be a ‘mood’ or particular frame of mind.

Listening & Observing

Being funny is not about spewing out other people’s jokes.  A lot of making people laugh is about listening to what they are saying. Is it absurd? Is it a convention? Can you reuse a cliché? What is the subtext, can you go against the stream of conversation and take that communication to another place? 

Funny Medicine

Well copying, as mentioned above, is the quickest way of learning, so if you want to go down that route of writing funny do it regularly.  AND be your own medicine. Keep a journal of everything you write. Note what works for you and makes your writing funny and what doesn’t work. This is self observation, you are teaching YOU to be funny, no one else can do that. O’ they can help, but it is what works for you and taking it seriously.


Makes sense doesn’t it. So, what other ways can you practice? Going to improv’ groups, doing standup, reading, recording yourself all work. But think deeper; what type of practice makes the difference for YOU?


Describe your comedy in one phrase. Can you do that now? Nope? OK. You will be able to with all of the above and know how to be funny. What makes you funny? Now go off and have fun discovering that part of you that is funny.

Funny Tools

Collect tools that work for you, read about creativity and about madmapping, There are so many out there like the Gene Perret Comedy Work Book, Edward De Bono and books about thinking and Tony Buzan tomes concerning mindmapping. There are a lot of good books to read and put into practice.

Have a look under the Features Menu of this site and read all the different forms of jokes and inspire yourself to be funny.


Jim Kinloch 2013