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Jokes by Comedian

Jokes by Comedian

Jokes By Comedian on Bit Comedy

Here’s a handy way to find the best jokes and one-liners for your favourite comedians on Bit Comedy.


Bill Bailey

Cuddly, offbeat and surreal

Bill Bailey - Comedy God and Nice Chap

Bill Bailey Jokes


Bill Hicks

Angry, telling and passionate

Bill Hick Jokes


Billy Connolly

Iconic, rude and joyous

Billy Connolly Jokes

Billy Connolly Jokes


Eddie Izzard

Surreal, involving and badgers

Eddie Izzard BitComedy Comedy God and Rainbow Lover

Eddie Izzard Jokes


Emo Philips

Off the wall brilliance

Emo Philips - One-Liner-Merchant

Emo Philips Jokes


Frankie Boyle

How do you spell ‘challenging?’

Frankie Boyle Jokes


George Carlin

Masterful, compelling and truthful

George Carlin 7 Words

George Carlin Jokes


Harry Hill

Madness, aware and funny

Harry Hill Top 1 Liners 

Harry Hill Jokes


Jimmy Carr

King of the short joke

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr Jokes


Jo Brand

Sublime, questioning and human

Jo Brand - One Liner Great

Jo Brand Jokes


John Bishop

Winning, quick and engaging.

John Bishop - One Liner Merchant

John Bishop Jokes


Ken Dodd

Master of mirth

Ken Dodd

Ken Dodd Jokes


Les Dawson

Lovable, funny and missed.

Les Dawson Short Jokes

Les Dawson Jokes


Michael McIntyre

A fab and groovy comedian.

Michael Mcintyre One Liners

Michael McIntyre Jokes


Milton Jones

One-liner trickster.

Milton Jones One Liners

Milton Jones Jokes

More Milton Jones Jokes


Paul Merton

The comedians comedian (well, I think so)

Paul Merton Top 10 One Liners

Paul Merton Jokes


Peter Kay

Well, he’s Peter Kay isn’t he?

Peter Kay Jokes


Robin Williams

Bring it on baby…

Robin WIlliams Top One Liners

Robin Williams Jokes


Rodney Dangerfield

Tightly weaved.

Rodney Dangerfield One Liners

Rodney Dangerfield Jokes


Ross Noble

Surreal and fantastic clown.

Ross Noble Riffs

Ross Noble 3 top videos


Russell Howard

Sharp and consise comic winner.

Russell Howard One Liner Lover 

Russell Howard Jokes


Sarah Milligan

Saucy, cheeky madam

Sarah Millican Live

Sarah Milligan Jokes


Sean Lock

Cheeky chappy and bastard.

Sean Lock One Liners

Sean Lock Jokes


Steven Wright

Bow down to genius

Steven Wright - One-Liner Greatness

Steven Wright Jokes


Stewart Francis

Cracking one liner merchant.

Stewart Francis One Liners

Stewart Francis Jokes


Tim Vine

Joke Machine Man

Tim Vine Award Winning Joke

Tim Vine Jokes

Tim Vine Winning One Liner


Tommy Cooper

Comedy bliss and very much missed.

Tommy Cooper

Tommy Cooper Jokes


Victoria Wood

Wittiest performer alive.

Victoria Wood One Liners and Quotes

Victoria Wood Jokes


Woody Allen

One time standup genius

Woody Allen One Liners of Greatness

Woody Allen Jokes


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