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10 Funniest YouTube Videos

Top 10 Funniest YouTube Videos

The Top 10 Funny YouTube Videos of All Time

(according to us)

In order of length (shortest to longest)

Here’s our selection of the funniest short funny videos on YouTube. We tried to exclude fluffy animals and cats in particular alongside anything to do with Star Wars and small, very cute children. We failed.

Read on dear visitor and click yourself up and laugh.

1. Drama Prairie Dog

By: A Mammal

Length: 00:05


Why: A short moment of instant comedy (we lied about there being no animals). The drama, the acting…


2. Panda Bear Shocks Mum

By: A Panda Voyeur

Length: :00:16


Why: As a parent I do empathize.


3. 20th Century Fox Flute Edition

By: okantunal

Length: 00:16


Why: It’s daft. Plain daft. You’ll need your sound on for this one.


4. Extreme Caterpillar Dance

By: Jasonb80s

Length: 00:46


Why: One silly idea one captivating feast of funny.


5. Cat Talking


Length: 00:56


Why: We tried to avoid cats but because I love the fluffy mogs this had to be included.

CAUTION: Contains licking.


6. Star Wars According to a 3 Year Old

By: fistofblog

Length: 01:30


Why: This tot is only 3 years old and yet conveys the story like Mark Kermode.


7. Beakers Ode to Joy

By: A Muppet (a real one)

Length: 00:01:41


Why: It’s Beaker you fool!


8. Like a Boss


Length: 01:59


Why: A professional video that surprises and illuminates why some of us think bosses are…


9. The Medieval Help Desk

By: nrk

Length: 02:45


Why: I’ve worked in tech support with ‘users’ and I love the Swedish voices, brill’ acting (just tune out the laughter track)


10. Evolution of Dance

By: Judson Laipply

Length: 06:00


Why: OK so this is 6 whole minutes but it is very good and we have to break rules we set ourselves don’t we?



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