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One Liner Joke Magic

This is a biased list of the top one liner and short joke tellers from the distant past to the present. If your favourite one liner merchant is not on the list then please get in touch (just saying – not promising).

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Danger Men

The one liner champion danger men.

Bill Hicks heads the list. He wasn’t a great comedian technically but what does that matter when he makes you gasp, laugh and question establishments.  Bill Hicks is still a comedy god.

Bill Hicks One Liners and QuotesBill Hicks

Comedy icon and chief angel of humanity

Bill Hicks Top One-Liners is Here.



Sean Lock One LinersSean Lock

Ace one liner merchant.

Sean Lock One Liners is Here.




Frankie Boyle

To come.


The Cream

Emo, Wright, Cooper and Carr. Accountancy firm or a one liner mash-up of genius.


Emo Philips - One-Liner-MerchantEmo Philips

A surreal hero.

Emo Philips Top Surreal Jokes are Here



Steven Wright - One-Liner GreatnessSteven Wright

He’s the man

Steven Wright Jokes are Here. 




Tommy CooperTommy Cooper

The man had faith in his innocence.

Top Tommy Cooper Short Jokes are Here




Jimmy Carr

A short joke authority.

Jimmy Carr Jokes are Here. 




Milton Jones One LinersMilton Jones

Wonderful in small doses.

Milton Jones Jokes are Here.




Victoria Wood One Liners and QuotesVictoria Wood

Wonderful wit.

The Best and Wonderful Victoria Wood Jokes are Here.




Surreal Favourites


Ross Noble

Doesn’t do one-liners. He does surreal riffs (had to put him in – sublime).

 To Come.


Eddie Izzard Top One Liner JokesEddie Izzard

My personal comedy god.

Sublime Eddie Jokes are Here. 




Woody Allen One Liners of GreatnessWoody Allen

A comedy master.

Woody Allen Top One Liners are Here.




Middle of The Pack

Wonderful comedians that you feel safe with and know you will have a good time.


Tim Vine Joke MasterTim Vine

He’ll never stop.

Top Vine Top Short Jokes



Michael Mcintyre One LinersMichael McIntyre

Well, I like him.

Michael McIntyre Short Jokes



Sarah Millican LiveSarah Millican

Earthy reality.

Sarah Millican Top Jokes



Jo Brand - One Liner GreatJo Brand

Turning life into comedy.

Jo Brand Top Jokes




Old School

Harking back to more traditional humour. Comedy to be respected and laugh to, with and never at, eh?


Ken DoddKen Dodd

Unrelenting – You WILL laugh!

Ken Dodd One Liners 




Peter Kay


Peter Kay Jokes 




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