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Comedy Gods

Comedy Heroes

We all have comedy heroes. My heroes have always been people with passion. Most of the time I just want to laugh but sometimes I want to be inspired. Funny people who try hard are not funny. People I meet and have worked with have inspired me more than the majority of those that make a living from comedy.

Take Sam

Sam is a good friend and he has a passion for what he does (web site stuff) and he is also one of the funniest guys I’ve known because he enjoys life and will go to the edge for a gag. I’m not doing a piece on him though…

Comedy Gods

Can be actors, stand up, sit com characters or writers or anyone that is in the public eye.

Current Top 3 Comedy Gods

I expect who is on these pages will be added to always in my mind are these 3 Comedy Gods, they make you laugh and they make you glad to be alive or glad not to be them. You like laughing? Then have a read about these Gods of Comedy. Seek them out on YouTube or elsewhere and let me know if they inspired you…

  1. Alastair Sim
  2. Alf Garnett
  3. Bill Hicks

Jim Kinloch

Comedy Writer