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Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks Comedy God

Stand Up Comic

Lived: 1961 – 1994

God Type: Passion Flayer

In One Line

Bill Hicks said things we don’t like and put the guilty, the stupid and the vain, up against a wall and made them targets for those of us who don’t think enough.

Technical is Bad

Bill Hicks wasn’t a great technical comedian. Compare him to a physically gifted comedian like Lee Evans or a verbally surreal and keen mime like Eddie Izzard and he is found wanting.

It doesn’t matter about that technique does it? Who gives a stuffed tart about technique?

He gave a world view that was his own and he expressed it with passion.  You might say anger but to me it was passion from conviction and he destroyed the silly world of petty-beings, the trumpeting politician and the complicit media.

“Any One Here in Adverting or Marketing?”


“…Kill yourselves.”

He wasn’t joking. I’m in marketing. Every time I hear that line I laugh and understand the passion-anger, reach for barbiturates and tell myself next year I won’t be in marketing and ‘sorry Bill, I seem to have let you and the world down. He had power.

People That Hate Bill Hicks

Well you do don’t you and deep down you know why.

Did he really mean ‘Love All The People, all the time?

He did. Read his notes on his routines and watch again. He loved people and hated them at the same time. Not every kind of person just the ones that deserved to be word-and-thought-torched.

Where did he fall down?

He had principles and he wouldn’t compromise and therefore never made it as a top liner. I think he wanted that appreciation. Then he went into tirades about the genocide on humanity, we all have our moments don’t we? The JFK conspiracy and the death of Davie Koresh and his followers consumed him. Is he right? I don’t know. Should we question…?  (if you are having difficulty with that one the answer is ‘yes.’)

If he were alive now he’d be smart enough to embrace the online world and he would be a world force. The media has formed a coral over the years. It’s rare to hear true voices except on the interweb (and harder to avoid conspiracy theorists, you know the type, work didn’t work for them and if we believe it’s a conspiracy it will explain my anger at life because then I can enjoy my sheep-like existence).

Bill Hicks would have stirred democracy online and helped speed up all of us becoming publishers.

O’ and he wasn’t a musician nor was he Jesus, nor was he ‘The New Lenny Bruce.’ I’ve heard people rave about Lenny and I’ve heard some of his material and Bruce doesn’t stand in the same place because he’s not funny.

Want to be a Stand up?

If you want to be a comedian then make a difference, or are you going to be a Hollyoaks-x-factor-commentating-cute-waste-of-stage-time?

Top Bill Hicks Comedy Moments and Clips

Search for Bill and ‘melon heads.’

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Don’t bother with the official site, it just wants to sell stuff.

Consider why he’s been sampled by music makers and find some that make you laugh.

What is so funny about “G-12” (G hyphen12 and not G12 the postal district or a bunch of Christians playing happy families).

A-fucking-men to that…

Jim Kinloch 2010