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The Crazy Gang - Comedy Gods

The Crazy Gang 5 Words:

Music Hall, Gags, Riot, Patter

The Crazy Gang Run Riot

When I first saw this group of entertainers I couldn’t believe how funny black and white could be. The film was of them performing at the London Palladium and it centered on one of them (I think Bud Flanagan) trying to tell a story while he was interrupted by the others in ones and twos doing daft things or saying great one-liners.

Crazy Riot

It was just manic and so alive. These guys were always moving, mixing up their styles and looking like they were having a good time. There are very few groups of comedians who achieve such energy and mirth.

Music Hall

They all started in the tradition of Music Hall and the jokes could be slightly ‘traditional’ but they knew how to deliver them. They started as the gang in 1931.

The Crazy Gang

  • Chesney Allen
  • Bud Flanagan
  • Jimmy Gold
  • Eddi Gray (‘Monsewer’)
  • Teddy Knox
  • Charlie Naugton
  • Jimmy Nervo

The gang was made up of three double acts and a solo performer, but they all worked and made more laughter as ‘The Crazy Gang.

Jimmy Nervo and Teddy Knox

Worked as a double act and were the most adept physical performers.

Charlie Naughton and Jimmy Gold

These guys specialised in slapstick. Charlie’s had a mastery of the art of double-talk, which has to be seen to be believed.

Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen

They worked as one of the most charming double acts to perform on the London stage and attained some immortality with their rendition of ‘Underneath the Arches,’ a classic “buddy” song.

‘Monsewer’ Eddie Gray.

Once described, by his fellow comedians, as “The funniest man in the world.”

Crazy Gang Facts

  • The first ‘Crazy Week’ Show was in November 1931, London Palladium
  • They appeared in the Royal Command Performance show from 1937 to 1967
  • Their TV debut was in 1956

Humour changes over the years and some of their work can appear a bit creaky (but not that much) but if you love comedy you should know this bunch of wonderful, funny, hard-working comedy Gods.

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