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Eddie Izzard

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1962 – Still Here

Surreal Mimer

Eddie Izzard In One Line

Eddie Izzard is a Comedy God because he takes reality and bends it to his inner truth. The world is harmful and Eddie is a white magician healing all who hear him.

A Comedian of Words and Visuals

Eddie is more than a surreal comedian. He’s a performer with more assets than a Russian Oligarch including a superb mime, a considered user of language and the greatest user of reincorporation

Reincorporation means he plants seeds early on in a set and reuses them throughout for bigger and bigger laughs.

Eddie gave us the answer to Daleks (before the Russell T Davies reinvention of Doctor Who) by just climbing some stars and jokes about cats that I love. That’s them now drilling behind your settee

“Pavlov’s Cats”


Day One. Rang bell, cat fucked off. Oh dear.

Day Two. Rang bell, cat went and answered door.

Day Three. Rang bell, cat said he had eaten earlier. Cheeky bugger.

Day Four. Went to ring bell, but cat had stolen batteries.

Final Day. Day Five. Went and rang bell with new batteries, but cat put his paw on bell so it only made a “thunk” noise. Then cat rang his own bell. I ate food.

We love this comedy because it’s silly and it’s real.

People That Hate Eddie Izzard

Are not interested in “our” world. A world of possibility and a world removed from ‘issues’ and corporate wank.

Is Eddie a Lesbian?

He is what he wants to b

Where does Eddie fall down?

He doesn’t. Witness him miming a line of murderers, late at night at a petrol station in pursuit of a Mars Bar. Hear him talking Latin, view his gorgeous clothes and weep for the man at the office believing he’s irreplaceable.

Want to be a Stand up?

Find something different to say but make sure it’s you talking.

Top Eddie Comedy Moments and Clips

Search for “We kill you in the name of Jesus.”

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Think about why he’s much in demand as an actor

Eddie loves the Web and has the most fab-u-beautiful site here but he’s twitter does leave a lot to be desired plus emailing his whole mailing list about events in different countries is ripe for comedy.

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