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Steven Wright Comedy God

Stand up
Born: 1955

God Type: Surreal genius


In One Line

Steven Wright has the delivery of a particularly dim Moose combined with mind-altering word power.


The Universe is Expanding

….that should help ease the traffic. Steven Wright’s words have that effect. Almost every line hits you with a velvet covered rocket. These thoughts and one-liners will expand your mind and make you laugh out loud because of the scale of his thinking.

Another Dimension

This is a man who’s going to leave his body to ‘science fiction’ and puts tape over his mirrors so he doesn’t walk through them and into another dimension. This ability to mix everyday statements with the outlandish puts him into another dimension.

A Couple of Mistakes

‘Did you sleep well?’ ‘No. I made a couple of mistakes. What a wonderful thought. The absurd things we say is written larger and said back to us. Did you make any mistakes in your sleep last night?

French Toast

I think most people who love Steven Wright love this one-liner as it sums up his view of the world.

“I went to a restaurant that serves “breakfast at any time”. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.” 

Oscar Winner

Did you know that Steven won an Oscar in 1989 for a short film, ‘The appointments of Dennis Jennings.’

I Have a Pony

He’s a musical master as well. Try this CD and hear the master’s voice.


He’s still touring but it seems, only in the US. So if you want to see him perform live that’s where you have to go. Follow him on Twitter or like his Facebook page.

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