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Comedy Missions

Comedy Missions

Welcome to the BitComedy choice of the best online comedy. Comedy is meant to be shared but sometimes you’re on your own sitting at your computer and in need of a break so if you want to take a break from looking at pornography try some of these ‘comedy missions.’


Facebook is fab for interacting with comedy groups, film makers and theatre groups.

Visit the BitComedy Facebook comedy mission page


Join a new group!


Life can be so dull. Podcasts are great for boredom relief.

Try out some new comedy for your iPodiPhoneLifeonthemove.


You have to pick your way through a lot of dross and users who just don’t have a clue as to how to use this fab comedy-mine.

Retweet something funny today from the BitComedy selection of comedy tweeterers…

Web Sites

Here’s a few ideas of web sites to visit. There isn’t a huge amount of great comedy sites out there but here’s a few to visit and perhaps sign up to their newsletter. See our Top Comedy Web site page.

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