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The BBC is still an Aunt. She’s full of surprises and a huuuuuuge amount of material. Have BBC comedy in your news feed and pick and play lots of new stuff, good and not so good. It’s the volume you want!

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Comedy Film

OK so it’s a bit literal as it goes to the trouble of defining ‘Comedy Film’ but it’s heart is in the right place and currently over 200,000 people LIKE IT!

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The British Phil Silvers Appreciation Society

Do you think you know anything about comedy? Do you just like laughing? Try some of the old and good stuff. Phil Silvers was Ernest Bilko a scheming solider at a US base during the 1950s. The Comedy is superb because of him, his character actor cast and the writing. A monkey on skates (and a great ad lib) and the Bilko’s Perfect Day are perfect crafted comedy.

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A powerhouse of standup, they’ve been around for years and for sheer scope they are the promotors in the UK. Always worth checking out for comedy night vouchers and special  offers.

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Peepolykus Appreciation

This is a niche one. I saw them years ago. Three physical theatre performers that bring comedy into local theatre, part manic, part silly and always worth checking out. This is the only group I can find dedicated to this fantastic comedy troupe.

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Eddie Izzard Pokes Badgers with Spoons

Yes he does. OK he’s a mainstream chap now and an LA Dude but he is sublime. He works very hard at his craft and he makes you laugh with his delivery and his love of language. He’s also a great user of reincorporation in his live act.

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