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The BitComedy choice of Comedy Podcasts

We all love comedy. Have you heard all of these? Then SHAME on you!. Try them out. Try something new today and have a laugh.

Rhod Gilbert’s Best Bits

He’s a good guy with a slightly bewildered tone that is endearing. He captivates you like some sage of mirth and he means well. There’s no comic side or seemingly any ambition he does exactly what he says.

Rod Gilbert’s Best Bits Podcast

The Ricky Gervais Podcast

I admired the office. It wasn’t because it making me laugh (Martin Freeman and Mackenzie Crook) but because of the stories, Brent finding love and the love story between Tim and Dawn. This Gervais podcast steps away from The Office and into a bit of harmless Pilkington bullying. OK it’s good but it can never be loved.

Ricky Gervais Podcast

Flight of the Concords

I’m a sucker for funny people that can play music. Bret and Jermaine have wit, observational and characterization all done to acoustic guitar music. Fab!

Flight of the Concords Podcast

David Mitchell’s SoapBox

It’s his anger I love. The force of indignation at the stupid world, a bit like how a kitten fights. The kitten goes from placid to all out claw and teeth attack in an instant and that’s Mr David.

David Mitchell’s SoapBox Podcast

Stephen Fry’s PODGRAM

Smug fucker or comedy genius? He has heart and a comedy vista that we can dwell in for a while. Wrap yourself in a cosy duvet of Fry, rain on the window, a hot cup of tea and feel the essential English humour.

Stephen Fry’s PODGRAM Podcast

Rhod Gilbert's Best BitsRicky Gervais PodcastFlight of the Concords PodcastDavid Mitchell's SoapBox PodcastStephen Fry's PODGRAM Podcast