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Internet Comedians

Bit Comedy’s List of Internet Comedians

When we say Internet Comedians we mean those who have created comedy almost exclusively online and not traditional comedians who have a presence on YouTube and their own Website.

Here’s where to find a mix of the big funsters and the up and coming comedy talent.

Home Star Runner

This has to be one of the most brilliant cartoon sites on earth! Pay special attention to the ‘Strongbad email’ series. It’s as if Animal from The Muppets gained lucid thought.

Comedy Type: Cartoon

For: Lovers of Wacky Surrealism

See Home Star Runner Here


Ray William Johnson

Must be the biggest Internet Comedian on the planet, north of 4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.


What’s he do: Viral video reviews.

Comedy Type: Full on ‘I am with the KIDS!”

For: People hurting themselves, tasteless jokes, willingness to suspend critical faculties.

See Ray William Johnson, Internet Comedian Here


The Unexpected Items

A London based comedy group making a name for themselves. I love their logo!


Comedy Type: Sketch

For: Lovers of New Comedy

See more about The Unexpecteditems Here


Ryan Higa

Ryan creates film parodies in an endearing home-made way. He has a huge following and is well worth viewing if you love your movies.


Comedy Type: Parody

For: Those who love people mucking around with movies.

See Ryan Higa’s YouTube Channel Here


The Midnight Beast

Instant musical group comedy done to the max and full of thrills and fun they mix tunes with fab visuals and full on beats.


Comedy Type: Visual Musical Tribe

For: Comedy Dancers

See The Midnight Beast Here


Navel Gazing

This is a group of funsters who have made the move from online to terrestrial tv.


Comedy Type: Sketch Show

For: Comedy Lovers Everywhere

See some more Navel Gazing Here


Chad, Matt & Rob

A sketch troupe of deadpan comedy performers with high production values. Almost English but definitely American.


Comedy Type: Sketch


Comedy Thinkers

See the Chad, Matt & Rob YouTube Channel Here


Clever Pie Productions

Another sketch based group who delight in the wonders of cake, parody and good laughter.


Comedy Type: Sketch

For: Comedy Eaters

See Clever Pie Productions Here



An award-wining (not sure what the awards are though) musical troupe who can also be heard on Radio 4.


Comedy Type: Musical

For: Radio 4 Listeners

See Barbershopera here