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Comedy Series on Bit Comedy

Comedy Series on Bit Comedy

Here’s a collection of the comedy series available on Bit Comedy. More episodes will be added as the site grows.

Comedy series so far:-

Texts From My Cat

It wasn’t a wise decision to equip Kevin, a cat, with an iPhone. Kevin’s likes to say ‘You are merely human.’ I like to say ‘Kevin, you haven’t got any thumbs, you’ll never operate a mobile phone. O’!

Texts From My Cat

Taliban Twitter

Sometimes the power of this micro-blogging platform can out do its users. Meet various Taliban Twitter users and listen to the sweet sound of BOOM!

Peruse Talban Tweets

The Pyrates (or The Pirates)

Three Seventeenth Pirates (Pyrates) were shipwrecked on the coast of present day England.  A homage to George MacDonald Fraser’s The Pyrates.

Experience The Pyrates