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June 17, 2013 – 9:00 am |

This collection of short jokes has been made with the desire to make you laugh. Some of them won’t and for that I apologise, well I’m English, so I apologise at the drop of a …

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Texts From My Cat: ‘BatCat!’

July 13, 2012 – 12:30 pm |
Texts From My Cat - BatCat

Funny Cat Text #303
In which Kevin is playing one of his favourite games and taking no prisoners.
Kevin Text in Plain Text
Jim: You hungry?
Kevin: Busy.
Jim: Busy where?
Kevin: Captured man with big yellow hat.
Jim: Fireman? R U …

Texts From My Cat: ‘V’

July 11, 2012 – 12:30 pm |
Texts From My Cat - V

Kevin thinks he has found a second home, o’ dear!

Texts From My Cat: ‘Juggling’

June 9, 2012 – 3:25 pm |
Texts From My Cat - Juggling

Kevin the cat can’t really juggle. Check if he can here…

Texts From My Cat: Jasper

May 9, 2012 – 12:30 pm |
Texts From My Cat: Jasper

Kevin the Cat really shouldn’t have an iPhone.

Texts From My Cat: Hairball

April 16, 2012 – 11:00 am | 2 Comments
Texts From My Cat: Hairball

A cat, an iPhone and a pertinent observation about the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Texts From My Cat: Kill

April 16, 2012 – 10:30 am | 2 Comments
Text From My Cat: Kill

Texts From My Cat #195
Cats love to give presents. Kevin, a rather agitated cat, is no exception. Sometimes he will even leave the head on. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to texts from …

Texts From My Cat: Food

April 15, 2012 – 8:19 pm |
Text From My Cat Food

Texts From My Cat #189
In which we find Kevin, an ordinary moggy, hungry, alone in the kitchen and putting his iPhone to good use. I never tire of texts from my cat. OK. I do …